Windows 11: Everything we know about the next big Windows update

For the first time since Microsof company introduced Windows 10, there’s a cause to be very excited. On Summer 24, Microsof company is defined to talk about “what’s next for Windows, ” and it is expected to be a huge virtual affair.

Why is this a big deal? Rumor has it that Microsof company could https://windows11iso.com/ announce the long-rumored “Sun Valley” visual update for Windows. This is expected to deliver a travelling across graphical user interface modernize of Windows in a new version of the os that could be known as Windows 11.

We recently went hands-on with a released version of a build of Windows 11, which confirms not only the name but also some of the newest features.

Price and release date
It’s pretty much confirmed that Windows 11 will be announced at the Summer 24 event, but that doesn’t mean we have a company release date for the update.

Right now, a release later this fall or early next year seems likely based on how previous Windows releases have been scheduled. Microsof company would first need to beta test the os with Windows Insiders before releasing it to manufacturers and the general public.

It has already prepared for this by pausing Windows Insider builds for the next couple of weeks whilst it “tests the providing pipeline. ” A released version of Windows 11 also come up, providing a primary look at a near-final version of the os, as noticed in the other images in the this post.

As far as pricing goes, we can’t say much of this type. But what we can judge based on the price of Windows 10, since the pricing of this OPERATING-SYSTEM didn’t change much over Windows 8 or Windows 7. If Microsof company were to continue with its theme of “Pro” and “Home” consumer versions of Windows, then expect Windows 11 Home to come in at around $119 and Windows 11 Pro at $200. That’s the price of new fresh copies, obviously.

Again, we’ll have to wait and see what Microsof company decides to do. There is even the chance that Windows 11 could be a normal optional free “upgrade” to Windows 10, like that too that Windows 8. 1 was for Windows 8 or Windows 10 was for Windows 7.

Or, Microsof company could just continue along with its current “Windows as a Service” phase. With that, Microsof company help keep updating current Windows 10, giving Windows 11 elements as a featured experience pack in Windows 10 to everyone who would like it. And that would all happen while giving other users an option to stay on the current versions of Windows 10 known as 21H1.

But this is all just rumours. Windows 11 seems like it could end up being an entirely new OPERATING-SYSTEM separate from Windows 10, and Windows 10 could be left as an option for those who still want to use it until Microsof company retires it in 2025. There’s still no word on which devices would run Windows 11, though. From our hands-on time, we believe any device that could run Windows 10 will also be able to run Windows 11.

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